20 Coastal Living Rooms That Fit Perfectly Into A Modern Beach House

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When it comes to designing a beach house, the living room plays a vital role in creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. A coastal living room, with its soothing colors, natural elements, and breezy ambiance, can perfectly complement the modern aesthetics of a beach house. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for inspiration or an interior designer seeking fresh ideas, we’ve curated a list of 20 coastal living rooms that will inspire you to create your own coastal retreat.

1. Neutral Tones and Organic Materials

A coastal living room often embraces neutral tones that mimic the colors of the beach and ocean. Hues like sandy beige, crisp white, and soft grays dominate the palette. Pairing these colors with organic materials, such as rattan furniture, jute rugs, and driftwood accents, adds a touch of nature and enhances the coastal vibe.

Example: A living room with a white linen sofa, a rattan coffee table, and a jute rug creates a serene and coastal ambiance.

2. Nautical Elements and Stripes

Bringing in nautical elements is a classic way to infuse coastal charm into a living room. Incorporate stripes, whether through a striped area rug, throw pillows, or curtains, to evoke a maritime feel. Add in accessories like ship wheels, anchors, or vintage maps to further enhance the nautical theme.

Example: A navy blue and white striped rug paired with a ship wheel as wall decor creates a coastal-inspired living room that feels like a seaside cottage.

3. Light and Airy Window Treatments

Maximizing natural light is crucial in a coastal living room. Opt for light and airy window treatments, such as sheer curtains or bamboo blinds, that allow sunlight to filter through. This not only brightens the space but also creates a breezy atmosphere reminiscent of beachside living.

Example: Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains in a soft white color allow the sunlight to flood the living room, creating an ethereal coastal ambiance.

4. Weathered Wood and Shiplap Walls

Introducing weathered wood and shiplap walls into a coastal living room adds texture and a touch of rustic charm. These elements bring to mind the weathered beach cottages found along the coast, giving the space an authentic seaside feel. Whether it’s a reclaimed wood coffee table or shiplap cladding on the walls, incorporating these materials creates a warm and inviting coastal atmosphere.

Example: A living room with whitewashed shiplap walls and a reclaimed wood console table exudes coastal charm and rustic elegance.

5. Coastal Artwork and Seaside Photography

Add a personal touch to your coastal living room by displaying artwork or photographs that remind you of the beach. Seaside landscapes, seashell collections, or even abstract paintings inspired by the ocean can create a focal point and evoke a sense of coastal living.

Example: A large canvas print of crashing waves above the sofa brings the beauty of the ocean into the living room, instantly transporting you to the seaside.

6. Open Floor Plan and Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow

A modern beach house often features an open floor plan that seamlessly connects the indoor living space with the outdoor environment. By incorporating large sliding glass doors or floor-to-ceiling windows, you can blur the boundaries between the living room and the beach, allowing for a seamless flow and breathtaking views.

Example: A living room with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open up to a spacious deck creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living, maximizing the coastal experience.

7. Coastal-Inspired Furniture and Decor

Choosing furniture and decor pieces that are inspired by coastal living can elevate the overall ambiance of a beach house living room. Look for pieces with clean lines, light-colored upholstery, and natural materials like rattan, wicker, or bamboo. These choices create a relaxed and coastal vibe.

Example: A living room with a rattan armchair, a teak coffee table, and a seagrass rug showcases coastal-inspired furniture that is both stylish and comfortable.

8. White, Blue, and Aqua Accents

Incorporating pops of color is essential in a coastal living room. Choose accents in shades of white, blue, and aqua to mimic the colors of the ocean. These hues create a fresh and airy feel, evoking the serenity of the beach.

Example: A living room with white walls, a navy blue sofa, and aqua throw pillows creates a coastal color scheme that is both timeless and relaxing.

9. Coastal Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is crucial in creating the right ambiance in a coastal living room. Look for lighting fixtures that are inspired by the sea, such as woven pendant lights resembling fishing nets or capiz shell chandeliers that mimic the iridescent beauty of seashells. These fixtures not only provide illumination but also serve as stunning coastal-inspired focal points.

Example: A living room with a capiz shell chandelier hanging above the coffee table adds a touch of coastal elegance and illuminates the space with a soft, beachy glow.

10. Coastal-Inspired Wallpaper

If you want to add depth and visual interest to your coastal living room, consider using wallpaper with coastal motifs. Whether it’s a subtle seashell pattern or a bold tropical print, coastal-inspired wallpaper can transform a plain wall into a captivating focal point.

Example: A living room with a feature wall covered in palm leaf wallpaper creates a tropical and coastal vibe that transports you to a beachside paradise.

11. Natural Fibers and Textures

Coastal living rooms often incorporate natural fibers and textures to add warmth and visual interest. Consider using materials like sisal, seagrass, or jute for rugs, cushions, or even wall coverings. These natural elements create a tactile experience and enhance the coastal aesthetic.

Example: A living room with a sisal rug, seagrass baskets, and a jute pouf introduces natural textures that complement the coastal theme and add a touch of earthiness.

12. Coastal-Inspired Bookshelf Styling

Bookshelves are not just for books; they can also serve as a platform to showcase coastal-inspired decor. Arrange seashells, coral pieces, coastal-themed books, and even miniature sailboats on the shelves to create an eye-catching display that adds coastal charm to your living room.

Example: A living room with a bookshelf styled with seashells, coastal-themed books, and a model sailboat creates an intriguing and coastal-inspired focal point.

13. Coastal-Inspired Accent Chairs

Don’t forget about the power of accent chairs in transforming a living room into a coastal retreat. Look for chairs with woven or rattan frames, paired with cushions in shades of blue or aqua. These chairs not only provide additional seating but also add a coastal touch to the overall decor.

Example: A living room with a pair of rattan accent chairs upholstered in blue and white striped fabric adds a coastal flair and creates a cozy seating area.

14. Coastal Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall in your coastal living room can be a fun and creative way to display your favorite coastal-inspired artwork, photographs, and mementos. Mix and match frames in different sizes and shapes to create visual interest and showcase your personal style.

Example: A living room with a gallery wall featuring framed seashell prints, beach landscape photographs, and vintage postcards creates a personalized and coastal-inspired focal point.

15. Coastal-Inspired Throw Pillows and Blankets

Adding throw pillows and blankets in coastal-inspired patterns and colors is an easy and affordable way to refresh the look of your living room. Look for pillows with seashell or coral motifs, and opt for blankets in shades of blue or aqua to add a cozy and coastal touch.

Example: A living room with a white sofa adorned with throw pillows in various shades of blue and a soft aqua blanket draped over the armrest creates a coastal-inspired and inviting seating area.

16. Coastal-Inspired Coffee Table Styling

The coffee table is often the centerpiece of a living room, and styling it with coastal-inspired elements can enhance the overall coastal aesthetic. Arrange seashells, driftwood, coastal-themed books, or even a glass bowl filled with sand and seashells on the coffee table to create a visually appealing and beachy display.

Example: A living room with a coffee table styled with a glass bowl filled with seashells, a stack of coastal-themed books, and a small vase with beach grass creates a coastal-inspired focal point.

17. Coastal-Inspired Window Seats

Window seats can be a cozy addition to a coastal living room, providing a spot to relax and enjoy the view. Enhance the coastal vibe by upholstering the seat cushion in a fabric with a nautical or beach-inspired pattern, such as stripes or seashells.

Example: A living room with a window seat upholstered in a navy blueand white striped fabric, adorned with cushions in shades of blue and white, creates a charming and coastal-inspired nook for relaxation.

18. Coastal-Inspired Fireplace Mantel

If your beach house living room has a fireplace, don’t forget to incorporate coastal elements into the mantel decor. Arrange seashells, driftwood, or even a collection of coastal artwork on the mantel to create a focal point that complements the overall coastal theme of the room.

Example: A living room with a fireplace mantel adorned with a collection of seashells, a driftwood sculpture, and a coastal landscape painting creates a captivating and coastal-inspired focal point.

19. Coastal Color Blocking

For a modern twist on coastal decor, consider incorporating color blocking techniques. Choose two or three coastal-inspired colors, such as shades of blue and white, and use them strategically in different areas of the living room. This creates a visually striking and contemporary coastal look.

Example: A living room with a navy blue accent wall, white furniture, and pops of aqua in the accessories creates a dynamic and coastal-inspired color blocking effect.

20. Coastal Plant Life

Bringing in plants can add a touch of freshness and natural beauty to a coastal living room. Opt for plants that thrive in coastal environments, such as palm trees, succulents, or air plants. These green additions not only enhance the coastal ambiance but also improve indoor air quality.

Example: A living room with potted palm trees in the corners, succulents on the coffee table, and hanging air plants creates a coastal oasis that brings the outdoors in.


Designing a coastal living room that fits perfectly into a modern beach house requires careful consideration of color palettes, materials, furniture choices, and decor elements. By incorporating neutral tones, organic materials, nautical elements, and coastal-inspired artwork, you can create a serene and inviting space that embraces the beauty of the beach. Maximizing natural light, creating seamless indoor-outdoor flow, and adding coastal touches like weathered wood, shiplap walls, and natural fibers further enhance the coastal ambiance. Don’t forget to personalize your living room with elements that remind you of the seaside, such as seashells, coastal-themed books, and artwork. With these 20 examples and ideas, you’re sure to find inspiration for your own coastal living room that perfectly complements your modern beach house.

1. How can I incorporate coastal colors into my living room?

To incorporate coastal colors into your living room, opt for a color palette inspired by the beach and ocean. Choose hues like sandy beige, crisp white, shades of blue, and aqua. Use these colors in your furniture, throw pillows, artwork, and accessories to create a fresh and coastal atmosphere.

2. What materials are commonly used in coastal living rooms?

Commonly used materials in coastal living rooms include rattan, wicker, jute, seagrass, and driftwood. These natural materials add texture and a touch of nature, enhancing the coastal aesthetic of the space.

3. How can I create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow in my living room?

To create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, consider incorporating large sliding glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, or folding patio doors in your living room. These features allow for unobstructed views of the outdoors and make it easy to transition between the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

4. What lighting fixtures work well in a coastal living room?

Lighting fixtures that work well in a coastal living room are those inspired by the sea. Look for fixtures made from natural materials like rattan or capiz shells. Woven pendant lights or capiz shell chandeliers can add a coastal touch and provide a soft and beachy glow.

5. How can I add a personal touch to my coastal living room?

To add a personal touch to your coastal living room, incorporate elements that remind you of the beach and ocean. Display seashells, coastal-themed artwork or photographs, and mementos from beach vacations. These personal touches will make the space feel more unique and reflective of your own coastal style.


A coastal living room in a modern beach house should embrace neutral tones, organic materials, and nautical elements. Light and airy window treatments, weathered wood, shiplap walls, and coastal-inspired artwork create a serene and inviting space. Incorporating open floor plans, coastal-inspired furniture, and accents in shades of white, blue, and aqua enhance the coastal aesthetic. Lighting fixtures, wallpaper, and natural fibers add depth and texture. Styling bookshelves, accent chairs, and the coffee table with coastal elements creates focal points. Window seats, fireplace mantels, and color blocking techniques further enhance the coastal vibe. Finally, incorporating coastal plant life adds a touch of freshness. By following these ideas, you can create a beautiful coastal living room that fits perfectly into a modern beach house.

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