BEFORE + AFTER: An Outdated Duplex Gets A Sleek New Makeover

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Renovations and makeovers have the power to transform a space, breathing new life into tired interiors. In this article, we delve into the stunning transformation of an outdated duplex, showcasing the remarkable before and after results. From dull and dreary to sleek and stylish, this makeover serves as an inspiration for homeowners looking to revamp their living spaces.

1. The Initial State: A Tired Duplex in Need of a Refresh

The duplex, located in a suburban neighborhood, had seen better days. Its outdated interior design, cramped layout, and lack of natural light left much to be desired. The owners, a young couple with a keen eye for aesthetics, were determined to create a modern and functional living space that would better suit their lifestyle.

The duplex consisted of two floors, each housing a separate unit. The ground floor served as the primary living space, while the upper floor contained the bedrooms and bathrooms. Both levels needed a complete overhaul to fulfill the owners’ vision.

2. The Design Concept: Sleek and Minimalist

After careful consideration and consultation with a team of interior designers, the owners settled on a sleek and minimalist design concept. They aimed to create a space that exuded elegance and simplicity, while maximizing functionality and natural light.

The color palette chosen for the makeover was predominantly neutral, with shades of white, beige, and grey. This choice not only created a sense of tranquility but also served as a blank canvas for the owners to showcase their collection of artwork and accessories.

3. Structural Changes: Opening Up the Space

One of the most significant transformations in this duplex makeover involved removing walls to open up the space. The cramped and closed-off rooms were merged into a more spacious and flowing layout, allowing for seamless movement between areas.

The removal of walls also enabled the introduction of large windows, flooding the interiors with natural light. This not only enhanced the overall ambiance but also created a stronger connection between the indoors and outdoors.

4. Flooring and Wall Finishes: A Touch of Luxury

To add a touch of luxury and elegance, the owners opted for high-quality flooring and wall finishes. Marble and hardwood flooring were chosen for their durability and timeless appeal, complementing the sleek design concept.

The walls received a fresh coat of paint in neutral tones, providing a clean backdrop for the carefully curated furniture and decor. A combination of matte and glossy finishes added depth and visual interest to the space.

5. Kitchen and Bathrooms: Modern and Functional

The kitchen and bathrooms underwent a complete transformation, with a focus on modernity and functionality. The kitchen was upgraded with state-of-the-art appliances, ample storage, and a sleek countertop. The addition of an island provided both a practical workspace and a gathering spot for socializing.

In the bathrooms, outdated fixtures were replaced with contemporary counterparts, featuring clean lines and minimalist designs. The use of natural materials, such as stone and wood, added warmth and texture to these spaces.

6. Lighting: Illuminating the Space

An often underestimated aspect of interior design, lighting played a crucial role in the duplex makeover. The owners prioritized a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a well-lit and inviting atmosphere.

Recessed LED lights were strategically placed throughout the space, providing general illumination. Pendant lights and track lighting were used to highlight specific areas, such as the dining table and artwork. The addition of dimmer switches allowed for adjustable lighting levels, catering to various moods and occasions.

7. Furniture and Decor: Showcasing Personal Style

With the structural changes and finishes in place, it was time to furnish and decorate the duplex. The owners carefully selected furniture pieces and accessories that reflected their personal style and complemented the sleek design concept.

Minimalist furniture with clean lines and neutral upholstery dominated the living areas, creating a sense of spaciousness. Statement pieces, such as a sculptural coffee table or an eye-catching artwork, added personality and visual interest to the spaces.

8. Landscaping: Extending the Makeover Outdoors

While the focus of the makeover was primarily on the interior, the owners did not neglect the outdoor areas. A well-designed and maintained landscape can significantly enhance the overall appeal of a property.

The duplex’s outdoor spaces were transformed into serene retreats, with carefully manicured lawns, lush plantings, and inviting seating areas. The addition of outdoor lighting extended the functionality of these areas, allowing for evening relaxation and entertainment.

9. The After: A Stunning Transformation

After months of meticulous planning and execution, the duplex underwent a stunning transformation. The outdated interiors gave way to a sleek and stylish living space that seamlessly blended modernity and functionality.

The open layout, flooded with natural light, created an airy and inviting ambiance. The neutral color palette served as a backdrop for the owners’ personal touches, allowing their artwork and accessories to shine.

Every aspect of the duplex had been carefully considered and executed, resulting in a space that not only met the owners’ expectations but exceeded them. The before and after photos tell a compelling story of the power of a well-executed makeover.


The transformation of this outdated duplex into a sleek and stylish living space is a testament to the potential of renovations and makeovers. With careful planning, a clear design concept, and the right team of professionals, any space can be revitalized and brought into the modern age.

By opening up the space, choosing high-quality finishes, and incorporating modern design elements, the owners successfully achieved their vision. The result is a duplex that not only looks stunning but also functions efficiently, enhancing the overall quality of life.

If you are considering a makeover for your own home, take inspiration from this duplex transformation. Embrace sleek and minimalist design, prioritize functionality, and let your personal style shine through. With the right approach, you too can enjoy a space that is both beautiful and practical.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) After The Conclusion

1. How long did the duplex makeover take?

The duration of the makeover process depends on various factors, such as the extent of renovations, availability of materials, and the size of the space. In the case of this duplex, the makeover took several months from start to finish.

2. Did the owners face any challenges during the renovation?

Like any renovation project, the owners faced a few challenges along the way. These included unexpected structural issues, delays in material delivery, and the need to make on-the-spot design decisions. However, with the guidance of their design team, they were able to overcome these obstacles successfully.

3. How much did the duplex makeover cost?

The cost of a makeover depends on various factors, such as the scope of renovations, choice of materials, and hired professionals’ fees. While the exact cost of this duplex makeover is not disclosed, it is important to establish a realistic budget and consult with professionals to get accurate cost estimates.

4. Can I achieve a similar makeover on a smaller budget?

Absolutely! While this duplex makeover may have involved a significant investment, it is possible to achieve a similar transformation on a smaller budget. By prioritizing essential renovations, opting for cost-effective materials, and DIY-ing certain tasks, you can create a stylish and functional space without breaking the bank.

5. How can I find the right professionals for my makeover project?

When embarking on a makeover project, it is crucial to work with experienced and reputable professionals. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or online platforms specializing in home renovations. Take the time to interview potential candidates, review their portfolios, and request references to ensure they are the right fit for your project.


The transformation of an outdated duplex into a sleek and stylish living space demonstrates the power of renovations and makeovers. With careful planning and execution, any space can be revitalized and brought into the modern age.

This particular makeover focused on opening up the space, incorporating high-quality finishes, and embracing sleek and minimalist design. The result is a duplex that not only looks stunning but also functions efficiently, enhancing the overall quality of life for its owners.

By taking inspiration from this transformation, homeowners can embark on their own makeover projects, creating spaces that are both beautiful and practical. With the right approach and professional guidance, the possibilities are endless.

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