9 Summer Wedding Ideas Centered Around Lemons

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When it comes to planning a summer wedding, incorporating bright and refreshing elements can make a big impact. One such element that can add a touch of zest and vibrancy to your special day is lemons. From décor to drinks and everything in between, lemons can be a versatile and delightful theme for a summer wedding. In this article, we will explore nine creative ideas centered around lemons that will make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

1. Lemon-inspired Invitations

The first impression sets the tone for your wedding, and what better way to create a sense of anticipation than with lemon-inspired invitations? Opt for lemon-themed designs, such as watercolor illustrations of lemons or lemon-shaped cutouts. You can also infuse lemon-scented elements, like lemon-scented paper or lemon-shaped confetti, to add an extra sensory touch.

2. Lemon-infused Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a token of appreciation for your guests and can be an opportunity to incorporate the lemon theme. Consider giving each guest a small jar of homemade lemon marmalade or lemon-infused olive oil. These personalized favors will not only remind your guests of your special day but also add a tangy twist to their culinary adventures.

3. Lemon-inspired Décor

Lemons can be a versatile and affordable option for wedding décor. Incorporate lemons into centerpieces by placing them in glass vases or bowls, or use them as place card holders by attaching name cards to lemon slices. You can also create lemon garlands to adorn the venue or use lemon-shaped fairy lights to add a whimsical touch to the ambiance.

4. Lemon-themed Cocktails

Refresh your guests with signature lemon-inspired cocktails. Offer a variety of options, such as lemon martinis or lemonade spritzers, and display a lemon garnish station with different types of citrus fruits. You can also create a lemonade bar where guests can customize their own lemonade by adding flavors like lavender, mint, or strawberry.

5. Lemon-scented Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is the centerpiece of any reception, and a lemon-scented cake can provide a delightful surprise to your guests. Opt for a lemon-flavored cake with layers of lemon curd and lemon-infused buttercream frosting. This tangy treat will leave your guests with a refreshing taste and a memorable experience.

6. Lemon-inspired Table Settings

Enhance the tablescape with lemon-inspired table settings. Use lemon-patterned tablecloths or table runners to add a pop of color and vibrancy. Pair them with lemon-colored napkins and tableware to create a cohesive look. For an extra touch, place a small lemon on each plate as a decorative element.

7. Lemon-infused Signature Scent

Create a fragrant atmosphere by infusing your wedding venue with the scent of lemons. Use lemon-scented candles or diffusers strategically placed throughout the space. The fresh and uplifting aroma of lemons will not only enhance the ambiance but also create a lasting impression on your guests.

8. Lemon-themed Photo Booth

A photo booth is always a hit at weddings, and a lemon-themed photo booth can add a playful element to your celebration. Create a backdrop with lemon-patterned fabric or a lemon tree prop. Provide lemon-shaped props, such as sunglasses or hats, for guests to pose with. This interactive element will surely bring smiles and laughter to your wedding day.

9. Lemon-inspired Wedding Attire

Incorporate the lemon theme into your wedding attire by opting for subtle lemon accents. Consider a lemon-colored sash or belt for the bride or lemon-shaped cufflinks for the groom. Bridesmaids can wear lemon-colored dresses or carry bouquets with lemon-hued flowers. These small touches will tie the theme together and create a cohesive look.


Incorporating lemons into your summer wedding can bring a refreshing and vibrant touch to your special day. From lemon-inspired invitations to lemon-infused wedding favors and décor, there are countless ways to infuse this citrusy theme throughout your celebration. Remember to have fun and get creative with your lemon-themed ideas, and your wedding guests will be left with a zestful and unforgettable experience.


  • 1. Can I use artificial lemons for the décor?

    Yes, artificial lemons can be a great option for décor. They are long-lasting, won’t attract pests, and can be reused for future events.

  • 2. What are some other lemon-inspired cocktails?

    Some other lemon-inspired cocktails you can consider are lemon mojitos, lemon margaritas, and lemon-lime spritzers.

  • 3. Can I incorporate lemons into the wedding bouquet?

    Absolutely! You can add lemon-hued flowers, such as yellow roses or sunflowers, to your bouquet for a subtle lemon-inspired touch.

  • 4. How can I incorporate lemons into the wedding cake design?

    You can ask your baker to create a lemon-shaped cake or decorate the cake with lemon-shaped fondant accents. Lemon zest or candied lemon slices can also be used as decorative elements.

  • 5. Are there any other citrus fruits I can incorporate into the theme?

    Absolutely! Other citrus fruits like oranges and limes can complement the lemon theme beautifully. Consider incorporating them into the décor, drinks, or even the floral arrangements.


A summer wedding centered around lemons can provide a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere for your special day. Incorporating lemon-inspired elements into invitations, favors, décor, cocktails, wedding cake, table settings, signature scents, photo booths, and attire can create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. From lemon-scented candles to lemon-infused olive oil favors, there are numerous ways to infuse the tangy and vibrant essence of lemons throughout your wedding celebration. So, embrace the zest and add a touch of lemony goodness to your summer wedding!

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